A private guide is a necessary condition for a full-fledged acquaintance with the UAE. This is not an advertising phrase, not an intrusive service – this is the harsh truth of life. Remember, we are talking about the Emirates, not Europe, or even the countries of Southeast Asia. Your education and experience in correspondence and communication with English-speaking business partners are worth nothing here. The culture and mentality of states that are rich enough to carefully protect their identity, but are not too represented in the global media community to broadcast it to their neighbors, can become a real terra incognita for the unprepared tourist.

Don’t get me wrong: we’re not intimidating in any way. We are talking about a developed country where the safety of tourists is guaranteed both at the legislative level and at the level of local customs. The staff of hotels and large shopping centers almost always speak English, and often Russian. However, there is also its own specifics. And if the Internet helps you solve most of the issues, and you do not go to Dubai with a set of shorts, T-shirts and short skirts, preparing in advance for the fact that showing open limbs is considered inappropriate here, then details such as eating in Ramadan (and this is one of the five pillars of Islam) may pass you by when preparing for the trip. Similarly, with alcohol. Everyone knows that this aspect of life’s pleasures is forbidden for the faithful, but it does not apply to tourists who do not adhere to the traditions of the faith.

The two main areas where Russian guides in the UAE will be indispensable are shopping and sightseeing. In terms of shopping, you will find a real expanse, but you need to know where and what to buy. Everyone knows that it is necessary to bargain, but in different countries it is done differently. So the “Fixed Price” sign does not mean that there are no discounts, and the figure stated in a small shop is not always worth dividing by ten. A guide in Dubai is just the person in whose competence it is to determine the adequacy of the price of your purchases.

Similarly, you will never really see this city on group tours. Guided tours of the Emirates with a Russian-speaking guide will be a real immersion in the culture of the Middle East with all its exoticism and uniqueness.

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