Legoland (Legoland Dubai)

The first Legoland in the Emirates, opened in 2016, has 6 themed zones (Lego City, Factory, Imagination, Adventure, Miniland, Water Park), more than 40 interactive slides and attractions, more than 20 million Lego bricks.
The most interesting thing in the park from the point of view of visitors: “Lego-rights” – the opportunity to get a driver’s license for children from 6 to 12 years old to drive a Lego car in Lego City, and children aged 3-6 years are invited for initial driving training in a children’s driving school!

For those who are older, in the dragon cars, you can ride through the dark labyrinths of the ancient castle Kingdoms, break out and climb to a height of 6 meters, accelerating to 60 km / h, or make a fearless dive in a submarine. And kids really like colorful carousels and “shooting games” in balloons and “angry” birds!

The majestic Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Miniland is made of miniature lego bricks! And the interesting places of the city of Dubai and our entire planet in the pleasant coolness of climate control make an indelible impression of a fabulous round-the-world trip.
In Legoland, you can build your own city on interactive platforms, in the Duplo Zone (3-5 years) and the “Constructor” Academy (6-12 years), using your imagination and showing imagination!

The “Rescue Academy” will allow everyone to perform a heroic act, for example, the feat of extinguishing a burning building, and the search for the” Treasures of the Egyptian Pharaohs “takes place in the Lost World of the Adventure Zone, where brave heroes are armed with “laser weapons”!

“Ninjago” – a puppet show of Lego country Heroes with a lot of special effects, unexpectedly bright and fascinating, and a tour of the Lego factory allows you to get your own unique brick!

Legoland Waterpark (Waterpark Legoland Dubai)

More than 20 water rides and slides, including family rafting on colorful inflatable rafts, playgrounds with lego bricks, the ability to design directly in the water, will attract those who are passionate about lego and want to be in the colorful atmosphere of Dubai’s newest water park.
Steep slides allow you to freely compete with the coolest waves on the Wave Rider, pour from a giant barrel, smoothly merge in harmony on the “lazy” river with a self-created lego plane, lego ship, outlandish lego fish or hang out on the waves in the Lego Wave pool.

Motiongate Dubai

Do you want to meet Shrek and the Ghostbusters?
Dozens of blockbusters from the world’s leading film companies will come to life and take you to the illusory world of Hollywood movie superheroes and fairy-tale characters. Taking a “Step forward”, you can get into the “Other World”, learn “How to Train a Dragon” or explore the “Hunger Games”, meet zombies by visiting Zombie Land, go to the Underworld or the Lost Village of the Smurfs. And that’s it – with experts from DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Studios, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate on breathtaking rides. And for those who are particularly passionate about movies, you can visit the film sets at Studio Central and see how films are made.

Aquaventure Water Park

The largest water park in Dubai with the most extreme slides is part of the Atlantis Resort Complex. Between the two main towers of the park: Neptune and Poseidon-a lazy river is laid, along which you can also get to the slides. The water park has attractions with fresh water, aquariums with marine life and a beach with the opportunity to swim in the sea.
“Poseidon’s Revenge” is truly scary – the bottom of a small capsule falls out and an extreme sports fan flies in a stream of water at breakneck speed!
“Leap of Faith” allows you to fall almost vertically into the water from a height of 27.5 meters, and “Shark Tank” – to swim in close proximity to sharks and other fish, however, you will still be separated by a reliable glass.
“The Rapids” is a fast, bright, fast and bumpy ride that allows you to interact with other travelers and express yourself.
* Near the water park there are three pools of the Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium, where you can learn to swim and communicate with dolphins in shallow or deep water.
Wild Wadi
An impressive water park with clear rivers Lazy River and Flood River, exotic gardens, shady tunnels and openwork bridges. It has an area of about 5 hectares, where more than 30 water slides, attractions, a popular light and music 18 – meter waterfall-shower “Wadi Wash”are compactly located.

The rapid “Wild River” of this unique water park with a speed of 80 km/h passes through 14 attractions, pleasant powerful streams of its blue water will gently lift you up the steep slides and really lift your mood for the whole holiday.
There are adrenaline-inducing attractions for extreme athletes: the high-speed tube slide “Jumeirah Skeira”; downhill slopes with whirlwinds and rapids “Burj Surj” and “Tantrum Alley”; large platforms-pools with artificial waves for surfing training ” Flowriders Wipeout “and” Riptide”; high-speed tunnels at altitude: Fatuma and Doom; the pool” Breakers Bay”, which allows you to fight with ocean waves, as well as quiet areas for family recreation.

The soothing climate-controlled swimming pools and Sinbad the Mariner’s children’s playground with fabulous landscapes and a tipping tub are perfect for families with the youngest travelers.

The park is famous for the highest level of security and the friendliest staff, from it
There is a spectacular view of the hotels of the Arab Fairy Tale-Burj El Arab and Jumeirah Beach-the famous “Sail” and “Wave”.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Is it possible for you to meet dinosaurs, superheroes, and supercoaches at the same time?
Of course! Hulk and Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man, the Avengers and the heroes of Laziness are waiting for you in the Dubai Park on a giant territory.

The world’s largest indoor park has a variety of activities for the whole family. While the kids are immersed in the “Amazing World of Gumball”, you can get acquainted with the world of Marvel heroes, feel yourself inside the movie at the 3D Hulk Epsilon Base movie auction, and then bravely go to the Lost Jurassic Valley with 70 animatronic dinosaurs and prehistoric landscapes.
You can get a portion of thrills on the attraction “Thor Thunder Spin” and the roller coaster “Velociraptor”, and the most adults (from 15 years old) – even in a haunted Hotel!

Yas Water World

The theme water park on Yas Island in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi was created in the style of the pearl-hunting tradition. It is interesting for everyone-both adults and children. The giant wave pool “Amvazh” and 43 slides of all levels of difficulty: steep and fast, small and gentle, covered in the form of pipes and wide open-created in the style of ancient eastern legends and local legends.

There are two main rivers in the water park: one is calm and smooth, the other is rough, steep, high – speed, with rapids and ridges. “Wave Tamer” allows teenagers and adults to master surfing, Suspended roller coasters, “Humps of Hamlyul” and “Mountain descent” will appeal to fans of extreme sports, and “Fortress of Mara” will offer kids 6 low slides, water cannons, tipping barrels of water, for the youngest visitors there is a platform “Yehal and Infant Pool” with three tiny descents and even pouring water from a tub.

There are many family areas: “Marah Fortress” – playgrounds, rafting, slow river “Lazy River”, picnic area and birthday celebrations.

The theme of the exciting adventures of a girl named Dana with her loyal friends can be traced everywhere, and you can join them by playing a unique interactive game Pearlmasters-search for hidden treasures in the park. Also, many people are interested in diving in the “Hairat Yas Dive Tank” to a depth of 5 meters for pearl shells with the opportunity to find your pearl!

Park “Mir Ferrari” (Ferrari World)

The most popular since 2010, the Emirati park with the fastest attraction “Formula Ross”, where you can accelerate to a speed of 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds, is waiting for everyone who is ready for adventure.

The “Flying Aces” attraction will allow you to master the aerobatics of Italian pilots with two flips, and the “Turbo Track” will offer you to experience horizontal and vertical overloads in a high-speed car, climbing to the highest point of the park in a giant funnel.
The Fiorano GT Challenge simulators will allow two teams of drivers to compete on steep turns at a speed of 95 km / h in rail carts stylized as the Ferrari F430 Spider, and the Scuderia Challenge-gives you the opportunity to try your hand for 8 minutes on a race length of 5552 meters on the Yas Marina Circuit.

Great attractions for family holidays: fantasy 4D “Speed of Magic” with the search for the keys to the Ferrari car stolen by the cartoon character Nello; a trip through miniature Italy in a compact F250 California; races with the champions “Driving with the Champion”; supervirages “Tyre Twist”; flights over Italy with a demonstration of the most famous cities and picturesque landscapes; watching a movie in the Maranello cinema with a historical perspective of the Italian races “Coppa di Sicillia»; numerous comedy and interactive shows that give fun and positive energy to the whole family, and cinemas and recreation areas-attract you to enjoy.

In the park there is a gallery of Ferrari cars, many Italian restaurants and shops with real brand equipment, luxury accessories and souvenirs, street theaters-stage, games “MIDWAY Motor Games” with the opportunity to test your abilities and get prizes.

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