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UAE Golden Trips

Everyone dreams of a perfect holiday on the shore of the warm sea. The Arab Emirates is famous for its white sandy beaches and azure clear water. The indigenous people strictly respect the traditions, so it is not recommended to appear on the streets in too open clothes, as this is considered bad form.

What is special about the Emirates, and why do representatives of even the most privileged classes tend to go there? First of all, it should be noted that even the most capricious tourists will enjoy excursions in the Emirates with a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. The urban style and the delightful skyscrapers fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Two elements-nature and the city-absolutely do not interfere with each other to coexist. In addition, the local national cuisine is famous for its sophistication, and the hosts are very hospitable and follow the rule of “Everything for guests”. In small cafes and large restaurants, you will be surprised with culinary delights and treated to traditional drinks.

Dubai Relax Tours offers tourists the best excursions in the UAE at an affordable price. Our advantages include the presence of our own fleet of vehicles (luxury cars, own yachts and boats). The company employs experienced captains and drivers with many years of experience. Erudite professional guides will answer all your questions and tell you about the traditions, culture and attractions of the sunny Emirates.

You can order the services of a travel company on the official website of the agency. A trip to the UAE on the waves of the Ottoman Gulf will bring you an unforgettable experience. Before the trip, there is no need to do special vaccinations, as it is customary to do when going on vacation to tropical countries. The hot and dry climate of the state does not allow the spread of viruses and infections. As for food and water, tourists can safely drink water from the tap. Advanced step-by-step filtration technologies installed in the penthouses completely purify the water from contamination.

Buy unusual excursions in the Emirates will help a specialist of the company Dubai Relax Tours. If you are not yet familiar with the sights of the country, it will tell you what you can visit first, and also tell you what you should buy and take with you to avoid heat stroke. Although air conditioning is installed everywhere, the heat of the day is unavoidable, and the air temperature can exceed 40°C. For the same reason, it is not recommended to lie on the beach for a long time. Prices for a tour in the United Arab Emirates depend on the distance of the attractions from the place where you will live. If you want to get to know the culture of the country, then be sure to visit the camel race. An unforgettable sight is provided for you! As for buying souvenirs, you can bring gold jewelry, fabulous carpets and textiles, as well as the most delicious oriental sweets.

Flytravelling agency provides all types of insurance and takes care of the safety of its customers.

Shopping in Dubai

At the moment, Dubai is a popular shopping center for tourists from all over the world. In Dubai, you can buy absolutely everything, from souvenirs to designer clothes and new electronics. It has everything for art lovers and antique collectors alike. The main distinguishing feature of shopping in Dubai is the duty-free zone, so you […]

Theme Parks and Water Parks in Dubai

Legoland (Legoland Dubai) The first Legoland in the Emirates, opened in 2016, has 6 themed zones (Lego City, Factory, Imagination, Adventure, Miniland, Water Park), more than 40 interactive slides and attractions, more than 20 million Lego bricks. The most interesting thing in the park from the point of view of visitors: “Lego-rights” – the opportunity […]

Holidays in Dubai

Vacation in Dubai will not leave anyone indifferent! You will plunge into the atmosphere of a chic metropolis, visit shopping festivals and sales, try national cuisine, take boat trips, and also be able to buy cheap gold jewelry. Dubai is an emirate of various tourist routes! Dubai is the second largest emirate within the United […]